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Health Information Technology (HIT)

PCG's Health Information Technology (HIT) team works with state and government agencies, with a focus on Medicaid, Exchanges and health information technology, to help further the advancement of technology in the world of health care. Services include Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MES) IT Strategy Co...



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Amy Whitcher Smith

Ms. Smith has 19 years of experience in public sector education initiatives and is currently South Regional Manager for PCG. She has been with PCG since 1999 in the Charlotte office... Amy Whitcher Smith Manager Education Ms. Smith has 19 years of experience in public sector education initiatives an...


Brian Howells

Mr. Howells has been working in government and public sector consulting for more than 11 years. Focused on employment and public assistance programs, Mr. Howells has led a number of engagements... Brian Howells Manager Human Services Mr. Howells has been working in government and public sector consu...


Debra V. Clark

With 25 years of experience at PCG, Ms. Clark has been instrumental in project operations for PCG clients of all sizes and projects of varying scope. Ms. Clark is responsible for compiling data, negotiating... Debra Clark Corporate Facilities Director Corporate | Facilities With 25 years of experien...



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TANFTrac™ - WPR Tracking Solution

Sometimes life lessons can be found in simple tasks. An important aspect of welfare-to-work is learning time accountability. TANFTrac™ by PCG encourages TANF work-eligible participants to track and submit their own work activity hours. Create the opportunity for your clients to learn time keeping aw...


Medicaid Administrative Claiming

PCG works with agencies to administer standalone Medicaid administrative claiming programs in addition to claiming efforts that are part of wider cost allocation plans. Medicaid administrative reimbursement is available for client-facing activities, including eligibility determinations and care coor...


Business Solutions

Our Business Solutions help our clients develop and implement the technology they need to meet the demands of their business. These services are designed to be complementary to services within our other major business lines. Project Management Using our proprietary ManageIT™ project management metho...


Finance Consulting

Supporting people to achieve meaningful outcomes requires resources. State and local agencies that serve elders and people with disabilities too often face declining budgets and increasing costs. Increasing demand for supports add to the challenge. PCG can help you maximize your resources, freeing y...