EDPlan Insight™

Technology tools for education

Robust data analytics for teachers, administrators, and district leaders.


Our robust technology platform is designed to support a culture of data use for teachers, administrators, and district leaders. It provides staff with a ‘one-stop’ experience for accessing K-12 student-related data.

EDPlan Insight™ – The Data Analytics Solution

EDPlan Insight is a technology platform designed to encourage and support a district-wide culture of data use. From classroom teachers to the office of the Superintendent/Director, this solution provides staff with a ‘one-stop’ experience for accessing student-related data on most devices—in real time. It also enables district staff to ask complex questions about student performance, both individual and in aggregate, and receive immediate answers.

The system is built on expandable Microsoft architecture as K-12 data needs increase. It also works with existing student information systems, district assessment systems, and other data sources.

Why choose EDPlan Insight?

Features include:

  • Comprehensive Student Profiles
  • Real-time access to data that supports instruction and learning
  • Customized dashboards and reporting models that meet local and provincial needs
  • Tools to set up and manage local, district, and ministry assessments
  • Multi-platform model that supports secure use on mobile devices and multiple browsers; hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Benefits include:

  • Management of student performance and achievement data for all students
  • Improved student outcomes
  • Enhanced performance monitoring
  • Student and class focus on learning objectives
  • Extensive reporting and data analytics capabilities
  • Streamlined, district-wide assessment management
  • Increased system security

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EDPlan Insight™ for Indigenous Students Module

Enhance support and data management for the learning success of all Indigenous students.

Data to drive student success

EDPlan Insight now has a module for Indigenous students. This data analytics module is designed to conveniently send the right Indigenous student information to the right people in real time—helping these students to receive the appropriate enhanced supports when needed.

This module’s comprehensive data management functions include collection, storage, analysis, and distribution of Indigenous student data.

On its own, EDPlan Insight provides classroom teachers, district leaders, and school administrators with rich data, such as student grades, attendance, behavior information, local and districtwide assessments, etc. In addition to providing this information for Indigenous students, this module gives support staff daily access to enter data related to enhanced services that Indigenous students receive.

Why choose the EDPlan Insight for Indigenous Students module?

Features include:

  • Comprehensive Indigenous student profiles
  • Data entry feature to add enhanced support services that were received into the system
  • Real-time access to meaningful data
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Reporting that meets the local and provincial enhanced support needs of Indigenous students
  • Audit tracking and reporting for funded services provided to Indigenous students
  • Secure use on mobile devices and multiple browsers; hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Leadership reporting to provide key district leaders with critical data to make informed decisions

Benefits include:

  • Use as a stand-alone component or an integrated component with EDPlan Insight
  • Unique functions related to enhanced support services data for Indigenous students
  • Includes many other EDPlan Insight features (for Indigenous students specifically)
  • Focus on individual student needs and improved learning success
  • Increased performance monitoring of enhanced support services
  • Collaborative, streamlined, district-wide assessment management

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